Best Websites on the Planet

Best Websites on the Planet


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Hi and thank you in advance for reading my Ad. Website packages start at $500 (7-page informational website). Serving all Industries and business types  Since 2005. Products and Services are Proudly Made in the USA. 1st year of hosting is always FREE and there are no fees. All websites come with mobile sites, on-site security and unlimited page access.

Other features included in this package: User Dashboard, Gallery, Edge to Edge Slide Shows, Contact Form, Social Media Integration, 360° Video ready, FREE Yoast SEO, Unlimited Blog with optional layouts and training so you can take over when you’re ready. If you don’t see a feature listed or you need a bigger site please contact us for a FREE, no-pressure analysis.

*Disclaimer: A lot of companies will claim they are designing it custom, when in reality -they’re using a template, and choosing it for you. I’m going to go the other way and just let you see them all and pick the one best for you FOR one price. If you want your website to ALWAYS work with social media integration and top plugins like ™️ or ®️ then the way to go is working with a licensed product.

Better. Faster. Smarter.

Powerful websites that drive the evolution of your business. Built to stand the test of time on the Award Winning WordPress Platform with more than 2,000 to choose from – yet still affordable enough  to beat anything else on the market. All for $500.00

Stunning Designs

Designed from the ground up, ensuring a perfect fit for you, your business, and your company's future with unparalleled acoustics usability.

Always Mobile

Responsive-design for a multitude of devices with different screen sizes automatically adjust the layout of your content to the user's screen size.

You’re in the right place!

💻 Licensed WordPress Websites
✏️ Immersive Content Writing
🎯 Search Engine Optimization
👊 Results

💬 Great Communication

  On-site Security

✔️ No FALSE promises ever!

🕒 Same Day Delivery Available
  No Monthly Payments

🕒 Same Day Delivery Available


 Made in the USA

BGM and You.
Ideas That Work.

It’s your story- We're here to help you tell it! It's essential to market yourself with Targeted Content Marketing, Eye-Catching photos, a Memorable Website and Effective SEO. Adept at print media, web design, SEO and branding, we’ve created solutions to level the playing field.

✔️ Need a new website?
✔️ Need to fix a $99.00 or do-it-yourself website?
✔️ Need to update an older website?

✔️ Need to ask some questions or get hands-on training?

Then take the next step and contact me today. It’s easy and you’ll feel right at home.

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