Touch it Once

Touch it Once

#FF (Photo concept and quote~ #barbie_let_down)

Feels like it’s coming at me from all directions sometimes, so it’s easy to push even the simplest tasks aside. This form of procrastination can really tank my ability to get things done and scale the business. I start feeling like a hamster on a wheel, looking at the same next thing to get done and promising myself to get to it later. So, I’m never fully focused on what I am doing but rather EVERYTHING I need to get finished.
Anyone else ever felt this way? Can I get an #AMEN

One simple solution is to follow the “touch it once” rule. The general idea is that as soon as I touch something or it comes into focus, whether it’s getting to my email or #crushingit on social media or calling a customer I don’t want to… I IMMEDIATELY ACT ON IT. This could mean fully completing the task at once or determining the next actionable steps to move it along.

Here is my thought for #FearlessFriday
I will take all the task that need to be done big and small. Organize them according to the time sensitivity of each task or when it’s due and then, Just Do it.

If you can relate please comment and share any thoughts or ideas, you have. Thank you in advance!

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