Piper my site is fucking Awesome, and I’ll never have the proper words to thank you enough for All you’ve both done for me, and all you’ve helped me learn how to do.

Judith Mouzon, Beadwork Jewelry Maker & Artisan

I found BadGirl Media on Instagram and I wasn't sure what to expect when we started but coming from WIX I hoped things could only get better and they did. The price was amazing! Everything looked like I expected from the demo and I can actually get Piper on the phone when I need to.

Manuel Felix, Store Owner

I'm loving this...

Over the years I have switched Mortgage Companies and worked with Piper on everything from Business Cards to Websites and making my Facebook Business page.

She always has my information and artwork in minutes so I can transfer my head-shot to a new business Card and then even finds the new company's Logo for me (I have no idea how to get that LOL). She finally talked me into my own website and SEO so I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Nancy Massa-Henson, Sr. Loan Officer

Piper at BadGirl Media is an absolute ROCKSTAR! She has become my absolute go to person, for my business cards, web design, product packaging & labeling. She does it all!

When she realized I needed business cards the following week, she worked her butt off, pulling a rockstar all nighter to design my cards for printing. Then, to top it all off, they arrived a day early! How cool is that? Piper is an excellent communicator and she knows sales and business. She is brilliant & she makes it happen!

Jamie Cook Welch, Owner