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Updates All Orders:
March 22, 2011.

As a provider of Marketing Tools for a variety of business types it is imperative that BGM maintain Order structure and Time Frame Management so as not to interrupt the Order Flow Process. Clients are 100% responsible for providing their content in a timely manner unless otherwise ordered. All projects are quoted with an anticipated time slot so as to deliver our FLAT FEE PRICING POLICY. Contracts, orders, agreements, and or discounts do not exclude added fees if any for late content submission. Customer agrees to submit full content within 2 weeks of placing order for all pages for web design and or prior to any design for print. Late content submission will result in additional fees and or possible termination of services.

WEB Development
If you have not already done so, you will want to take some time to think about what you wish to accomplish with your new website. Determine if you will need any special functionality or interactivity with your visitors; consider the type of design style which appeals to you and then be sure to let us know. The signed contract and 100% deposit is required before we schedule a time slot for your project. (Projects at $500.00 or less must be paid in full in advance.) Once we have received your payment and signed contract, we will begin work on your site. The remainder of your balance if any will be due upon project launch. Project Launch is achieved once all 5 pages are shown live on the internet. If the client has not provided full content BGM will provide “Filler” text until the changes have been received. Client is responsible for site content and “flow” and understands that BGM Advertising is meant to assist in transposing the client’s ideas and goals into visual media on the internet. *Full payment is due regardless of client’s availability to provide completed content changes.

Since each order is unique to customer and has no re-sale value, All Sales Are Final. If we verify that we made an error, we will reproduce the order. No Refunds or Credit. Customer is responsible for supplying all text, art and photos for print and websites unless otherwise ordered in a timely manner. After placing an order the customer will allow time for design. New orders take up to 3 weeks or more. Once the customer receives the samples the customer will have an opportunity to make changes regarding layout and content. All changes must be in writing via email.

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